Heather Nova

I started to listen a lot to Heather's music in 1997 and found Heather's songs very comforting. Every evening, when I got back from my daily job, I started to listen to Heather's music while my home was full of candles. I realize that it sounds like a little weird, but to me; it was a moment for myself. In a way, Heather was there for me, with her music.

In '01, I started the Heather Nova Online Magazine, and I also had a newsletter. People send their comments to me, and I send them to the other members of the newsletter. I also informed Heather about the site. The site was the first multimedia site with lots of videos, which was something new in '01. There weren't many sites with videos and YouTube didn't exist either.

In '02, I met Heather for the very first time at the Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam. I bought my first copy of the Sorrowjoy and when Heather signed the book she just knew in an instance who I was.

She said, "You are Cynthia, right?"

"Yeah, I am," I replied. After that, she said: "You created a wonderful site to support me. I wanted to send you an email to thank you for the support but..."

"I understand, Heather," I replied. "You are a very busy lady."

After I said that, I started to realize that she knew who I was. It was unbelievable...

In '05, Heather asked me if I wanted to come to a meeting in the lobby of a hotel in Amsterdam. It was also the first time I met Felix and their son. It really was a once in your lifetime opportunity.

In '08, Heather wanted a flash site, and she contacted me by email if I can create one for her. It not only had to be flash, but it also needed a CMS so that she could maintain the site herself. I wrote to her that I would be more than honored to help her with the site, and that it wouldn't be a problem. I used heathernova.info as a testing environment and after three months of hard-working Heather was satisfied with the results, and we could go live. I contacted Massimo, he was Heather's editor of '01 until '08, to transfer the site to heathernova.com, and the flash site was born. In 2011, Heather wanted a site that's compatible with an iPad, and I told her that I didn't have time to build a new site because at the time I was involved with a freelance project to teach highschool students how to program in PHP.

Occasionally, Heather and I still have contact by email and the Heather Nova Online Magazine still exists!

Thanks Heather :-) Frontpage from the book " The Sorrowjoy", sign by Heather.