Cynthia Fridsma is born in February 25, 1968 in Landsmeer, a village nearby Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Ever since her childhood she liked to write, this was mostly because of her mom who always told nice and exciting stories.

When she was an eight-year-old, she took part in a story contest that was organized by the elementary school. She was one of the lucky ones who won with her essay “Bruno the dog." She won a children’s book titled “Waarom jaguars bang zijn voor vuur (Why Jaguars are afraid of fire)” that she received in the public library.

In ’07, she sent a short story, “Footsteps in the dark," to Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, an American writer of Horror stories and also the publisher of the Twisted Magazine. Andrea liked Cynthia’s story so much that she asked if she may publish it in the next edition of Twisted Magazine. Cynthia didn’t have to think twice and agreed, and so her short story was published in Florida.

If you take a look at Cynthia’s bookshelf, then you’ll find books from Clive Barker, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Philip K. Dick. These are the authors Cynthia like the most.

Besides writing Cynthia is a freelance programmer, specialized in PHP and Windows applications, and also works on open-source projects. To put it in her own words: “It’s nice to share knowledge with others.”

She’s also the webmaster of the Heather Nova Online Magazine at, an unofficial website in honor of Heather Nova, and she was Heather’s official webmaster from ’08 until ’11.

In 2010 until 2011, she was a PHP teacher at a local high school in Amsterdam.

In her free time, she loves to play guitar (Jimi Hendrix style) and creates computer animations. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband and two bunnies. And although she’s diagnosed with CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) in her right hand, combined with an aggressive tremor, she still remains a creative woman.

Her favorite artists are Heather Nova and Jimi Hendrix.